Global Jihad




by filmmaker Dr Pollner, Col 76, to help counter tragedy of Pittsburgh Synagogue deaths.

Terrorism has occurred all over the world. Many countries are on alert! Various explosives have been used: This will be a  lecture on the latter!

In Spain/ London, trains and buses were filled with explosives, USA-planes, USS  Cole- destroyer,

Bali-Clubs attacked, Philippines- Missionaries, Africa -Embassies, Lebanon- Bases., Israel-children, buses1



The targeting of Israeli children by suicide bombers is a HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE! A 30 minute Video Documentary (in English) with one hour lecture/discussion on GLOBAL JIHAD by Dr. Pollner, the filmmaker., President of Cinema Verite Int'l Inc . For more information, contact Dr. Pollner 917-748-3868,
Find out how the schools provide the necessary healthy environment in dealing with the crisis, as well as the social reactions of the public. Dr.Pollner, President, Cinema Verite Int'l Inc., (Doctorate, Columbia 76). She will update us on recent events in  society and discuss coping skills that could be a model for us all, as provided by mothers, social workers,and the  Minister of Health. The latter will be followed by a discussion with the audience
Dr. Pollner has taught at Columbia University, lectured at Princeton, Dartmouth, Tufts, Stern College,  etc.
Call 917-748-3868


Dr.  Pollner is the holder of a Doctorate from Columbia University, President of Cinema Verite Int'l Inc. and a former professor at Columbia. An accomplished filmmaker, Dr. Pollner has traveled worldwide to work with a number of governments and companies to provide her consulting services.   She has also lectured at Dartmouth, Princeton, Brandeis, Tufts, Williams, Fordham, NYU,  UNO-Nebraska, Texas Tech , Hebrew University (Jerusalem) and before organizations throughout the world. Her documentaries have premiered at the Jerusalem Cinemateque and the Angelica Film Center. Dr. Pollner has taught at  Stern College, CUNY, NYU and in Poland. She was also sent by the U.S. government to work as a consultant in Siberia. 





To whom it may concern:


I want to thank Dr. Mildred Pollner of Cinema Verite International' Suicide Bombers Can Not Silence Children Voices". We deeply appreciate Dr. Pollner's efforts to bring to light the horrors of terrorism. Dr. Pollner extended all efforts to finish this documentary and bring it as a seminar to the attention of Americans.




Orli Gil  

Educational Director, Israeli Consulate