Societies in Transition

  • FROM FLEA MARKET TO FREE MARKET! (Narrated by Ambassador Jack Matlock) Economic and Social changes in  Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are chronicled.

  • CORRUPTION AND ADDICTION IN POST COMMUNIST SOCIETIES! (Filmed in eight, countries! Rare Footage. Ministers of Police, Bank officers, Gang members, as well as addicts in the first Therapeutic Center in the Former Soviet Union, are interviewed

  • Former Soviet Union: Religious Rebirth? (Orthodox Christian Groups, Judaism, Cults, etc.) Filmed in 6 countries -    Monasteries, Religious weddings, Children's schools, are presented. 

  • Mothers Wanted: Abandoned Children of Eastern Europe Children orphaned by the economic problems of societies in transition. (Romania, Poland, Estonia)

  • Restructuring Education in Eastern Europe Today. The educational ideology has changed, computers, the disabled have new programs and now the young must refocus their energies, in these societies in transition.

  • After the Ironic Curtain! Croatia, Serbia and the Ukraine!

    Narrated by John Cage-for the Green Century

  • Sex, Lies and Appetite - Food for Thought! (How the media reinforces Anorexia and Bulimia).

  • Tomboys are Great! (Sports Empower girls)

  • ACT LIKE A MAN! (Masculinity and Boys) 

  • You Can Be! (Little girls should go into all profession

  • ROMANCE AND ADDICTION- Advertising's use of sexuality to sell cigarettes/ whiskey, etc.. to young people!


The World

( Two DVD's for the price of one:)

  • CHINA: ECONOMIC GIANT OF THE FUTURE? Old vs. New! Social and political consequences!
  • CHINA'S ONLY CHILDREN: LITTLE EMPERORS?-An only child society?
  • Mexico- Fiestas'

  • WOMEN IN CUBA-  Children in schools, sex educators discuss AIDS, women in different professions, life after divorce!

Global Jihad

TERRORISM HAS OCCURRED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD!  Radical Islamists have attacked: (Trains-London, Madrid, Mumbai/Planes-US bases-Lebanon/ Destroyers-Yemen straits/ Embassies, Africa, Israel- Children, schools, buses, etc.)

Dr. Pollner lectures with films she produced and directed. She teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice- (CUNY) and is an expert on terrorism!

All DVD's  Sale $250
Any 2 -discounted to $400,
with lecture by Dr. Pollner
$450, plus expenses                                       



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